I don’t really update this blog enough to be useful. I do not enough of too many things. Some people are focused, and do one thing really well. I am not one of those people. I’m never sure if I’m being too hard on myself, or cutting myself too much slack.

The act of backing up my harddrive is forcing me to reflect on what I’ve created this year, and I’m not sure how I feel about what I did in 2017. I started a looooooooot of projects. Way more than I’ve completed. I fully intend to complete them all, but sometimes moving forward on a new thing is easier.

Quantifiably, This year, I’ve drawn at least 80 pages of comics, between my webcomic The Foggiest, and it’s offshoot, the book Cats Committing Crimes, and various other scribbles that seemed like a good idea. I’ve probably written close to 200 pages, between various scripts, ideas jotted on notepads, and chapters spread across a number of novels. Lotta collaboration this year, which I’m very pleased and proud of.

Trying to bash some of my thoughts into the keyboard, and try and make them presentable. I feel like I have something to say, even if it’s not particularly profound or important, and I want to share that with everyone who will listen. What that is, I have no idea. Just a general Raymondyness I want to spread around. And that’s why I do what I do. I write, and I draw. I could never decide which one I wanted to focus on, which is why I’ve always done both. I don’t know if I’ve done as much this year as I was hoping, but I don’t think I’ve ever been satisfied with my output, I’ve always wanted to accomplish more. Not sure where this drive has come from, or what to do with it.

I tend to have the same new years resolutions every year. Promote myself better, Eat Healthier, exercise more, create as much as possible. I’ve kinda accomplished a lot of my life goals, so I just keep trying to do the same things again bigger and better. Shrug. I don’t know if this post is whiney or insightful or boring or if I’ll even publish it. I don’t know if I feel better having typed it. I don’t know so many things.




Marmaduke Mousington

Marm fake cover

I met Amy and Rob, who are the estate for the painter Josh Kirby last year at the Discworld convention in the UK. We hit it off immediately, and Amy seemed to know that I would be the person she wanted to illustrate her uncle’s unfinished children’s book. We’ve been going back on this project full-on for a number of months, and it’s finally ready to present to the world. This is a huge honor, and an enormous amount of fun. A very silly book about a time traveling mouse. Right up my alley!

Click here to watch our very silly video:



You Can Lead A Horse To Water

Here are all 9 pages of my next ‘The Foggiest’ anthology comic – You Can Lead A Horse To Water, written by Chris Cherry, and Illustrated by me, Ray Friesen. This is episode one, it ends in a crazy cliffhanger. You can read Episode two by chipping in a few dollars on my Patreon page, Patreon.com/RayFriesen. It’s worth it, trust me. I’ll post episode two for free at some point, but it will be a while. You don’t want to wait a while! Become a Patreon! Horse Together

Behind the Scenes of a Dinosaur Obsession

I fell in love with Dinosaurs when I was six years old. It’s the perfect age to discover something that is going to take root in your soul and stay forever.

This year was 1993, and Jurassic Park was everywhere. That certainly helped. Convincing my mom to buy me dinosaur books and toys, and take me to museums was really really easy. My mom liked dinosaurs too, although really she just enjoyed encouraging whatever we were enthusiastic about. This is one of the reasons my sister and I are so awesome.

I grew taller. Obsessions came and went, particularly Star Wars, Monty Python, and Doctor Who (which is kind of like Star Wars and Monty Python mixed together), but Dinosaurs always remained. There were always dinosaur toys on the floor of whatever house I was living in. Dinosaur stickers on my bag. Dinosaur doodles on nearly ever piece of paper I owned. The research about dinosaurs changed, things I thought I knew updated. Pterodactyls lost the dactyl. Velociraptors shrunk and grew feathers. Triceratops becomes a juvenile Torosaur. Brontosaurus is made defunct, (a Brachiosaur skull on an Apatosaurus body, or some such) and then gets reinstated! Mind blown. I keep up with it as best I can, while still treasuring my 1990’s Smithsonian Field Guide, whose illustrations are becoming increasingly inaccurate. I own Jurassic Park on VHS, DVD, and BluRay.

During our first year of dating, my then girlfriend (now wife) takes me to see the ‘Walking With Dinosaurs’ stage show extravaganza, with the most ridiculously giant and accurate puppets you’ve ever seen, and I feel exactly what it feels like to encounter a walking breathing 60 foot tall creature. As do all the other 6 year olds in the audience, as we are the  only unaccompanied non-minors in the house. Thus begins the dinosaur birthday tradition, Michelle has found dinosaurs for every birthday since we met.


My son, Wellington, is now two years old. A little young, I think, to truly grasp what dinosaurs are all about. He’s got a plush Triceratops, and a electronic biting T-Rex in his toy bucket. Recently, he picked up the trike, and made it growl. I didn’t teach him that, he just knew. I can’t wait for him to get a little bigger. We’ve got movies to watch, museums to visit, and all the paper  in the universe to doodle on.

It’s gonna be awesome.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 2.17.12 PM.png

This personal recollection was brought to you by: A-to-Z-asaurus! A Dino Guide with Teeth! I wrote the book, and my pal Mike Spiers did the illustrations, and we’re using Kickstarter to raise funds to get it printed. If you’re all interested in a book of silly dinosaur facts and outrageous opinions, with lavish illustrations, please check it out! We have until November 4th to get enough pledges to make the book a reality, so now is the time!