Hello Again!

Hello Again!

Went and saw the Peabody and Sherman movie t’other day, and really enjoyed it. A lively expansion of the source material, and the added emotional hook type business was fitting, and not all that overbearing at all.

It had a few rough spots, I didn’t like how the character of Penny (a pretty cliché sassy young lady stock character) just went from being mean to nice with no real reason, and her bonding bits with Sherman, seemed a little out of place. Everything to do with Mr. Peabody hisself was perfect. I had reservations about the voice casting, but they did a great job of upsizing his character, still a know-it-all, overbearing and smug, but who had actual emotions and tried to demonstrate them. It seemed very real, if we lived in a world with talking dogs and time travel. The flashback sequence with the John Lennon song was surprizingly touching. I hope they do another one. And I’d like to genuinely see the future this time.

I saw an opportunity for a Back to the Future reference, they had to reach a certain speed, and 88 MPH wasn’t involved. Shame.

Also Patrick Warburton makes everything better.

They’ve been doing some Peabody and Sherman comic books, as a fan I’ve enjoyed them, as a creator, I’ve wanted to be involved. I made some audtionary material, but methinks, too late. Hopefully they comics will do well financially, and if there’s ever a change in creative teams, I can jump in. (They’re doing Rocky and Bullwinkle comics as well, drawn by my dear acquaintance Roger Langridge, and written by a man I’ve admired from afar for years, Mark Evanier. I want to be involved in those comics possibly even more so, even though the crew currently involved is super fantastico. We’ll see what happens.)


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