League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1936

This bit of random fancomicry is based on an AMAZING dream I had the other night.

Basically, it’s the same basic theory as Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil’s brilliant comic series, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which takes famous characters and mashes them together, only I’m using different people in a different period of time.

This is the 1930’s, and the characters are of course, Tintin, Indiana Jones, and the Red Skull. This would never be possible as an official book, because of rights issues (and I feel League works best using public domain characters, where you can actually use the characters names) but I thought it was cool, and really enjoyed drawing it. Needless to say, characters © their respective creators, no infringitude intended.

Click to Embiggen

Click to Embiggen

If I get good response, lotsa shares and comments, I’ll draw more. Lots more.




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