Too Much Information Dump

We are in full-on Baby Alert, my son is due any time now! Well, technically, the 19th, but you never can tell with bees. Babies. Babiees? Baby bees.

Been spending the past little while getting everything ready, one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging or publishing all that much.  My productivity lately is all over the place, I think I’m trying to put a lid on my anxieties by having as much sense of accomplishment as possible. It’s sorta working out, we’ll see : ) I’ve started sooooooooooooo many projects, none of which is finished enough to show off. In the past I might have had 2 or 3 things on the go at any one time, now it’s close to two dozen. That’s a good thing and a bad thing, I’m definately full of ideas, but I’m fairly scatter brained at the same time. I haven’t done a regular webcomic in over a year, it’s been a very weird year to be sure, but keeping up with something with a regular deadline I think is really good for me,  and I’m looking forward to starting up Something as soon as I’m able. I’m trying not to plan things out at the moment, because it’s easier to react to new things if you’re not planned out, and all of the things I schedule don’t seem to be happening properly anyway.

My life has been in a big transitionary period of late, I’ve grown a beard to demonstrate that, but I still don’t know what it’s transitioning in to. I’m doing things I’ve never done before, and not doing things I’ve always done, and it’s been very very strange. Good, for the most part, but hard to know how to react properly.

Trying to be a human is hard sometimes.

Fairy Tales I Just Made Up is at the printers, it should be back in my hands in November. This is a Big Accomplishment, the kickstarter was a huge, exhausting success. From my perspective, FTIJMU has been nearly done for quite some time, I wrote the last story over a year ago, in the backseat of a car, while scouting for wedding locations. So all the really fun parts of that project are done, it’s mostly the hard work stuff to do now.

Pirate Penguin book 2 has also been done and ready for quite some time, I’ve been talking to my publishers at Top Shelf, and it should be coming out next year, in time for the San Diego Comic Con.

The secret project I can’t tell you about is also moving forward, I haven’t been paid or gotten to draw anything besides samples yet, but the wheels are in motion.

Other than that, personal projects I’ve been starting include:

Three Different Novels, the kind with words, not pictures. One is full on ADULT, with philosophy and swearing whereas the others are more young adult, with talking cats and pirates and stuff.

A BAJILLION kids books. So many you guys, like, at least two dozen so far. That ABC book I’m posting pictures of? Tip of the Miceberg. What’s a miceberg? It’s an ice berg of mice. Duh.

A half dozen comics ideas, with dinosaurs, time travelers, wizards, samurai, and hipster astronauts in them. I’ll be posting them just as soon as I am able.

I wanna do some videos too. Both more little story videos, and maybe me just vlogging, I could become an internet celebrity or something.

I want to collaborate with more people, I’ve got a half dozen friends and acquantances in my head I want to steal and do some art together.

I wanna write a play, and some friggin TV shows.

I wanna do all the things!

Hopefully I’ll get the free time and confidence to do some of them sooner than later.

Mostly I’ll be holding a tiny baby full of MY genetics, and complimenting it on it’s cuteness.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

Ray Out.

*drops microphone*


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