pirate penguin?

I’ve been in a pirate penguin mood lately. I was just revising and editing my manuscript for Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken Book 2: The Magic Sword of Secret Awesomeness. It hasn’t been released yet, but it has been finished since before I was married. I’ll start thinking about book 3 at some point, and I need to get warmed up and create some more PPvsNC mini comics for the interwebs.

I haven’t had the brain space to do any writing or the time to do much drawing, but I hope to get that all sorted out soon.

In the mean time, here is a comic I recently uncovered. Drawn but never properly colored or lettered, I’ve lost the script, and haven’t the faintest idea what the characters were supposed to be talking about. The visualsare plenty engaging, so if you think of something funny they might be saying, please leave it in the comments!


I’m extra amused by the fact that Pirate Penguin is eating brownie mix straight out of the box.


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  1. Hi Ray,
    My Children just discovered your books and love them…. (OK I enjoy them too…) Its great to see them laying on the couch giggling away! For some reason my 11 year old son remembers the wasabi berry blast and tropical grog fish smoothies from pirate penguin vs Ninja Chicken, but can’t remember his times tables!!!…. looking forward to the next installment.

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