Things I am currently working on

Things I am currently working on:

*A children’s book series staring a little girl and an extradimensional squidmonster

*A novella loosely based on Sherlock Holmes

*A novel novel about time travel

*A new webcomic about a wizard

*The sequel to Fairy Tales i just Made Up!, either ‘Science Fiction I Just Made Up!’, or ‘Mythology I Just Made Up!’ probably both.

*Actually properly promoting Fairy Tales I Just Made Up! Now that I’ve gone to the bother of printing it, I should try and spread the word instead of just starting a new creative project because that’s the fun part

*Recording my Audio Book

*Finding the peace and quiet necessary to record an audio book in a house that contains a 4 month old

*Thumbnails for a secret project with a large publisher that is finally actually happening and will genuinely pay my bills, unlike any other project I’ve ever been involved in really

*Comic Script Pitches for TWO of my favorite childhood cartoons

*An ABC Book

*A different ABC book with dinosaurs in it

*A 4 issue comic book mini series with a surprising amount of violence, like arms getting sliced off during laser sword fights, that sort of thing

*Trying to retain my sanity

*Doodles of Penguins

*A quilt

*Cooking Breakfast

* Several just-for-the-heck-of-it mini comics, one about a farmers market… in space, the other about Feudal Japan

*8 dozen ridiculous children’s books

*A political Thriller (no really) cowritten with a friend from high school I recently reconnected with

*A film script based on my Divine Whiners webcomic

*A puppet show

Current level of completionness on any one of these things: 2%

Coming up with the idea is the fun part. Actually following through and completing it is the time consuming part.


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