Ventrine O’Jackson

A notion I’m having towards drawing some adventure strips…

Ventrine O'Jackson

At the moment, I’m drawing every day, but it’s work I won’t really be able to show off until next year. I’d like to start drawing a webcomic again, but most of the ideas I currently have much more epic in scope. Since my free time is quite limited, executing longform ideas seems impossible. So! I’m thinking of creating something new and simple, where I really make it up as I go along, and just trying to have as much exciting weirdness as possible. Whatcha think?



  1. long form does take time, but there’s no rush! if you can find interesting ways to serialize the adventure stories, i say definitely go with the interesting ideas you have for longer stories instead of (maybe halfheartedly) doing shorter works that you may not be as excited about. that’s what i do! i gave up on all my attempts at short comics because i just wasn’t excited about them the same way i was about my epic stories

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