Magic 2.0

Today only, my friend Scott Meyer’s second novel ‘Spell or High Water’ is an amazon special bargain deal thing, and you can get it for just $1.99. Of course, you should read the first book first, but if you buy them both, it still averages out to an amazing deal.

I’ve really enjoyed this series, and not just because I know the guy writing it. I’d read them even if I hated his guts, because they’re well done. That’s my policy. (I don’t hate his guts. I don’t love his guts either, they’re guts. I suppose I’m in favor of his internal organs, but that’s as far as I’ll go. This parenthetical aside got away from me…)

The book is Humorous and nerdy, they appeal to the sort of reader who enjoys knowing that the author has given the subject too much thought. It has a consistent and well explained approach to the whole concept magic, different than anything I’ve seen before. Basically, magic in this series is just another form of computer programing, and you have to write code to get the magic to do what you want, with all of the errors and hacking and computery problems derived thereof. 

I drew a piece of fanart from the book of one of the main characters, who I think would be played by David Mitchell if they ever made this book into a movie. I don’t think my drawing matches the image in the author’s head (because he said as much when I emailed it to him) but it’s definitely Good Enough TM.




I originally drew him with glasses, because he has the sort of personality of someone who’s eyes don’t work 100%, but I was told he does not wear glasses, so I deglassed them.


Scott also writes and draws the webcomic Basic Instructions, which eagle eyed readers might remember, I published a collection of! It taught me the lesson that I am not great at all the publishey things not related to the designing of the front cover, for which I am eternally… what’s the word? Grateful? No… spiteful. No… somewhere inbetween gratitude and spite. Spatitude. No, that sounds like I’m wearing spats… which I am, Scrooge McDuck style, directly over my feet.

I think Scott won’t mind me saying that Novelist is a brilliant choice for him, as his sense of humor is based around Lots of Words, a style which can get a bit claustrophic in a four panel strip, but works quite well in 200 pages. His novels are fast, full, and funny. Check ’em out.