The Honey Badger Who Cared

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Michelle suggested I start a fish taco review blog, because I have loooots of opinions on the subject. So I thought I’d start off with a bang, and talk about my favorites (the fact that I was in the area to take photos didn’t hurt : )

Coconut Fish Cafe is in Kihei, Maui, HI, and apparently, there’s another one in Scottsdale, AZ, which I need to check out when I’m in the area. You can find them online at

I’ll be doing more of these Selfie comics! Both about the tacos, and just  life adventures in general, because they are fun! Fish Tacos can be made in sooo many ways with sooooooooooo many ingredients, it was begging for a scholarly dissection. It won’t get one from me, but I enjoy eating about them and talking about them, so there.

Gary Larson

Gary Larson

Been rereading the collections of The Far Side in my parents house, forgotten how influential that particular one panel strip was on me. Did some doodles of the obvious reoccurring themes. I might do more such doodles of other stuff that inspired me growing up and developing my taste in cartoons.