Gary Larson

Gary Larson

Been rereading the collections of The Far Side in my parents house, forgotten how influential that particular one panel strip was on me. Did some doodles of the obvious reoccurring themes. I might do more such doodles of other stuff that inspired me growing up and developing my taste in cartoons.

Fairy Tales I Just Made Up now Available to Preorder!

Snarky Bedtime Stories for Weirdo Children

Fairy Tales I Just Made Up!

The most beloved fairytale classics of all time don’t have ANY Dinosaurs, Robots, Zombies, or Space Aliens in them. We fixed that.

the 64 page, full color hardcover is now available to preorder, release date is June 15! I’m going to be talking about this alot, so prepare for much more sample chapters, videos, behind the scenes, contests and all kindsa cool stuff!