Marmaduke Mousington

Marm fake cover

I met Amy and Rob, who are the estate for the painter Josh Kirby last year at the Discworld convention in the UK. We hit it off immediately, and Amy seemed to know that I would be the person she wanted to illustrate her uncle’s unfinished children’s book. We’ve been going back on this project full-on for a number of months, and it’s finally ready to present to the world. This is a huge honor, and an enormous amount of fun. A very silly book about a time traveling mouse. Right up my alley!

Click here to watch our very silly video:



Birthday Penguins

as per my annual tradition, started almost 1 year ago, I asked my friends to draw me pictures of Penguins Riding Dinosaurs, truly the greatest subject matter ever. Here is the lovely pile I received, from some truly awesome folks. Thank you so much! Everybody else I know who didn’t sent me a penguin, I say this unto you: HMF! PenguinPals Latebreaking: My friend Timo drew me another one after I posted this article! Timo Double Late breaking Double News! More Dinosaurs! 10346318_498876913582362_542069049843264055_n