Smaug McDragon

Smaug McDragon

I drew this when the 2nd Hobbit movie was in theaters. I just saw it available on dvd, which made me remember I should share this again, as it makes me laugh every time.

Plans to draw the dwarves as Beagle Boys fell through because of lazyness.



It’s the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles this weekend! Sadly not able to attend, but I do have some pieces in the art show! I’m gonna share a piece a day for the next SEVERAL DAYS untill I run out of pieces! Then I’ll do something else.

Presenting! The update of quite possibly the most popular image I’ve ever made, spread all over the internets like nothing else I’ve drawn: The Last Supper! The Penltimate Supper!


Doctor Who Ultimate Supper

Doctor Who Ultimate Supper

Most of my Doctor Who art is on the theme of ‘here are a bunch of Doctors’ — and now that there are at least two new Doctors since last year, I had to update the art! I spent a good deal of time on this one, much more care paid to the charicatures. I am quite pleased with most of them! The fifth Doctor is just plain tricky, and you really have to charicature the celery more than anything else.

Prints are available from my etsy store!

Stay tuned for further pieces!