fan art roundup!

I’ve been accumulating submissions from some young fans of mine, and I thought I’d present a few of the cool things they’ve sent in.

These illustrations are from the good kids of Susanville School District, after my ‘Follow Ya Dreams’ speech.


Shane here baked a batch of authentic Cupcakes of Doom for a party he was throwing. They were delicious! Probably!




and finally, Mario, recreated all of my Lookit! Characters out of Lego, including George the Sea Serpent… Er, dragon!




Thanks everybody! Keep em coming!




I love time travel. Wore out copies of Back to the Future growing up. Tried to build a flux capacitor out of Lego. Mega Doctor Whovian, as you can probably tell. Writing a Very Complicated novel about time travel as we speak. Gonna go see Peabody and Sherman tonight, hope it lives up to my expectations!

In honor of all that business, enjoy Pirate Penguin vs the Snacktime Continuum, one of my favorite Pirate Penguin Classics!