I love time travel. Wore out copies of Back to the Future growing up. Tried to build a flux capacitor out of Lego. Mega Doctor Whovian, as you can probably tell. Writing a Very Complicated novel about time travel as we speak. Gonna go see Peabody and Sherman tonight, hope it lives up to my expectations!

In honor of all that business, enjoy Pirate Penguin vs the Snacktime Continuum, one of my favorite Pirate Penguin Classics!




Pirate Penguin Animation

While I’m in the midst of making NEW content, and almost ready to announce some WAY COOL NEW PROJECTS, I’m not actually ready yet. STuff takes longer than you think it’s going to take because of reasons. SOOOOOO I’m gonna prime the pumps with some Raymond Classic TM of things I’ve made that you haven’t neccessarrily seen. For starters, the PIrate Penguin animation I made in my animation class! I am super proud, and well aware of just how many drawings it takes to do a single second of animation, and how fantastically skilled animators are!