LXG 1933 No.2

Here’s another installment of my mashup comic, featuring various characters from 1930’s comics and stories, as though there were a league of extraordinary gentlemen from that era, using other people’s ideas that are in no way in the public domain.


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The inspirations should be fairly obvious, at least to people as nerdy about old comics as me. Popeye and Oolong the parrot are borrowed from Thimble Theatre, and Archibald Haddock is from Tintin (though I don’t think he’s met Tintin at this point?)

The Yellow Kid is one of the earliest reoccurring cartoon characters. The mysterious shadow is from the Green Turtle, the story of which is excellently recounted in The Shadow Hero, by Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew, (heartily recommended, go buyit)

All the background faces are cribbed from my Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper comics, mostly from Dick Tracy. Apologies that the asian character looks very time period appropriate, IE, stupid.

This was a really fun thing to draw.

Picture 1

Expect more of these type comics as I have the time, I have at least three more ideas.

And in case you missed it, here’s the first one:

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